What The Bleep?

Video Bleep is an immersive, interactive mind control bubble

We create a mobile, extra-sensory canvas for both audio and visual artists to play with the environment – and brainspace – of our visitors.  We are always working to challenge ourselves, and raise the bar for interactive, public video art.

Our signature project is the Video Bleep dome – a 30ft diameter professionally fabricated  Shelter Systems structure with an opaque white skin made of flame-retardant tarp fabric. This skin provides the canvas for our three free-standing 4300 lumen projectors mounted outside.

Participants can either gather around the outside and observe, or they may enter and be immersed inside a novel environment of visuals and sound. The Video Bleep dome includes weatherproof enclosures for the projectors, rich stereo sound, and user-friendly input devices for an enhanced, interactive visual experience.

Having total control over perception makes it possible to manipulate frames of reference – suspending disbelief, expectation, and equilibrium. Control the speed, color, and brilliance of video via intuitive interfaces, like our custom-built 5-foot joystick. Sit back and navigate virtual worlds; dive into hypnotic patterns designed for total immersion. Interact with the projected artwork, and with each other as well.

Video Bleep’s desire is to play with you.