Bleep at Burning Man 2013

Video Bleep is a mobile “full-dome” video/art installation, housed inside a 30ft diameter dome tent.
Three projectors are perched on 15ft tripods outside the dome, and rear-project onto the dome’s skin.
The visuals are visible from the outside (whether passing by or sitting on a bench) as well as from the inside, where can be found the fully immersive and interactive experience. Inside, the audience can rest on our benches, stare at the ceiling, and be engulfed by undulating video. On the inside is also a 5ft joystick, which viewers/participants/the audience can move and trigger to manipulate the video.

The visual art seen in this short is all designed by our team of developers. Generative programs such as Whorld, Cortex, Grainmarch, and KFM are featured heavily in our display, as is content created and curated by video artists. Radome is our custom-designed software used to map the video to the dome’s sphere.

This project was designed (based on early prototypes), fundraised, and built over the course of 2012-2013 and culminated in display at Burning Man 2013. Video Bleep will show again at Boston’s First Night 2014. Future iterations will evolve onward.

(Video edited by Nicole Barron.)

Video Bleep at Burning Man 2013 from vermin street on Vimeo.