Coders, Beamers, and MUM

Over the past couple of months we’ve been making the rounds in Somerville – participating in a number of local events, showing off some of our non-dome related tech, and making new friends.

In late August we were at the Tech Poetics party at Velir in Davis Square – a kind of creative salon for tech artists, organized by Boston Creative Coders. We projection-mapped a set of windows looking out on the square, providing a bit of unexpected color for passers-by.

The very next night, we hopped across town to the Aeronaut Brewing Company for their Bring Your Own Beamer event – a lively free-for-all in which anyone with a projector and an idea could show up and grab some wall space. We passed around MIDI controllers and let people jam on an assortment of video clips.

A couple weeks after that, we were back in action providing visuals at Project MUM, Somerville’s annual space-themed outdoor dance party. Early rainstorms forced us inside the Somerville Arts Council’s MUSCRAT bus, where we amused ourselves with face-warping software while waiting for better weather. Thankfully, clear skies prevailed, and we – along with a bunch of talented DJs, fire spinners, and local artist friends – were finally able to get our dance on.